Beautifully Belly Bound

Birth Doula

Heather Drury is a DONA International trained Doula as well as a fiery mother of four, Becoming a Doula to me was more than just seeing babies be born and come earth side, it’s about womanhood and helping women go from maiden to mother for the first time or the fourth time. Whether she has a natural birth or cesarean, breastfeeds or decided to bottle. Birth is the one life event that will stay with a woman forever; she may not always recall what the baby wore home from the birth. She will forever remember her experience in giving birth and the details that surround it. It is a powerful and amazing experience can be the most empowering thing a woman will go through, but no matter how her baby is born it should be remembered as a wonderful and beautiful event. Doula is a Greek term meaning “a woman who serves" and that is truly what we do. We hold the missing elements of emotional support a woman needs to birth her baby, I am a giver, helping other women achieve their goals of having a wonderful birthing experience. To become a Doula, I think I was birthed that way.
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Bengkung Belly Binding

Bengkung Binding is a binding method that supports physical changes the vertical abdominal muscles and organs go through pregnancy and after birth. With this binding, we support those muscles and organs as well as provide a warm environment in which healing is more rapid. Like being wrapped in the warm arms of your sisters, binding provides the support tired muscles require.
It is recomended that you get bound at around 4 days postpardum.

Come let us pamper you after the birth of your baby. Enjoy a warm cup of herbal tea made just for new mothers. Along with a hot foot soak of rose water and a sugar scrub. After you are relaxed get bound with tender hands with this ancient tradtition into motherhood.

Pampered and bound $75
wrap included
Just bound $55
wrap included
Wrap alone $40
Re-bound $8
Pampered and bound again $25



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